These are just a few of the testimonials we have received from our customers

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“First let me thank you for the excellent filters and help you have given me over the years. Your products are at the top of the excellent column.

The Harley filter has saved me a failed engine. I will update you on developments as the repairs progress. I use Amsoil MCV, the absolute best synthetic available. At my 10k mile oil change, I discovered a small quantity of plastic / nylon / teflon granules trapped in the filter. The bike ran perfectly, with no engine noises or performance issues. I assumed what I was seeing was factory sealant used in case assembly, which was flaking off and ending up in the oil. I changed the oil at 18k in preparation for a trip to San Diego at the end of this month, and found another quantity of granules in the filter. That made me start really paying attention. I went to several Harley forums, and discovered that in the twin cam engine, prior to 2007, the spring loaded cam chain tension shoes (2) would wear down to the metal backing, and after shredding the backing, would lunch the engine due to plugged oil passages and damaged roller bearings. Harley re-engineered the tensioners beginning with the 2007 models, and made them a totally different design, tensioned with a hydraulic piston using engine oil pressure. Most posters on the Harley forums rave about the new tensioners, and say the problem has been solved. I have a 2007 FXST Softail Standard with the new tensioners. One poster with a 2007+ bike reported a shoe failure due to factory assembly error (spring behind piston instead of in front), another reported shoe failure due to crank runout ( a common late twin cam problem) causing the chain to tighten and loosen extremely each revolution. I will drive my Toyota to San Diego, and pull the cam chest apart as soon as I return. I will send you pictures and narrative of what I find and what I do to correct the problem. Long story short, without the ability to find the foreign matter in the oil in good time, old John might be sitting in Yuma or El Centro at high noon on a 115 degree day looking at a $2k+ repair and no way to get home.” Thanks again, John

“My EXACT experience in 2011 with a typical filter would have surely resulted in catastrophic engine failure. Instead . . . your filter got me at least another 5000 miles across central Asia and a very difficult 1000+ miles across remote Mongolia in considerable cold.” Kurt

“I researched and researched these oil filters. I looked at a couple of knock-offs as well. I had seen the demonstration a couple of times at Sturgis. While the original filters were close to 50.00 more I decided to go with them instead of the knock-offs. Actually both my friend and I bought filters at the same time there. A couple of extra quad seals were thrown without charge.

When I got back to Denver I changed out my oil and installed your filter per the instructions. I held my breath and started the engine. After a bit of a warm up I looked down at my pressure gauge. Either I was on drugs or the oil pressure had gone up about 5PSI. On an old EVO engine, oil pressure has not ever been one of the EVOs strong points. At rush hour traffic in the dead of summer, I would always have to throttle up just to keep the oil pressure light off. I noticed with this oil filter that I don’t have to do that as much if at all. Regardless of the filtering properties the fact that the oil seems to be flowing better is enough for me. Of course not buying a new oil filter every time will be nice for money saved and of course the environment. As soon as I can find which one fits my 03 TrailBlazer I will be buying one for it as well.

I have yet to come to a new oil change point so I don’t know what goodies the filter will catch but I am sure that I will be quite happy with this filter. When I finally trade in the ol paint shaker I plan on pulling the K&P off and transferring it to the new bike. Nope, no body is getting this filter….”

Mark Jester


“Just for your and your company’s information, I’ve been sending an oil sample from my last three oil changes to Blackstone Laboratory for analysis, and have had glowing reports come back indicating my 2003 motor with 78 thousand miles on it is in top condition. I’m sure your filter is a key factor in keeping it so healthy.”

Best Regards,Tom, Moyie Springs, ID

“Attached is a picture from a bud on the big dog forum that had shown pieces of paper media on his K&P filter for the first 2 oil changes after switching. Never has he seen another piece since then. His big dog now has over 60k on the motor with nothing done to the motor. He expects to get many more miles on the motor with no problems.”

Chris C

“Received my filter back today. THANK YOU for checking it out for me… Definitely puts my mind at ease. This whole experience was way above & beyond my expectations.


“I recently purchased a “S4” oil filter from Joe Pero, owner of Pero motorsports. I’d just like to let you know how pleased I am both with Joe as one of your K&P dealers, but also with the filter itself. Joe went way above and beyond to make sure I had the exact filter I needed for my 1995 FXSTSB Bad Boy, and shipped the filter out promptly.

I recently did a complete engine overhaul on my bike, which included extensive machine work. I went with bigger valves, and a stage 2 porting job on the heads. In addition I had the bottom end completely rebuilt which included lightening and balancing the flywheel. After I got the bike back together I had a hard time adjusting out the noise in the hydraulic tappets in the rear cylinder…

After just about wearing out the jam nuts on the pushrods from adjusting them so many times to no avail, I decided to scrap that low flowing paper throw away oil filter cartridge, and upgrade to one of your K&P lifetime re-useable filters.

I just have to say upon starting the bike after the first oil change, I was IMMEDIATELY IMPRESSED. The tappet noise from the rear cylinder cleared up immediately! I then took the bike for about a 15 mile ride and dropped the oil again to have a look. I was shocked at how much metal was floating around in that new engine. I’m told that is a normal condition for an engine that’s had extensive machine work.

So now instead of the paper filter plugging and allowing all that metal contamination to flow around in my engine and interfere with the operation of my hydraulic lifters (which have very tight tolerances) I can clean my new K&P filter anytime I want and have peace of mind knowing my oil is being filtered properly.


“Keep going guys! I hope you continue to make the oil filters for our 4 wheeled friends as well. This is my third filter but this time on a car. I can’t tell you how well the thing works. Just amazing. It’s really incredible what the filter is trapping on a 23 year old car. I know now, without a doubt no stock filter for my car was able to trap what you’ll see in the attached pictures. Every oil change is cleaning the crankcase more and more each time. The car loves you guys my bikes love you guys, and of course I do too! Keep it up!” M. Farrell
“A comment about the filter (now it is in use) is that the bike fires almost instantly now, hot or cold. The Ducati has an oil pressure sensor that won’t allow it to start until it has built pressure within the engine, it also kills the motor if it loses pressure to protect it. On initial startup after sitting unused for a week or so, the bike would crank over more than a dozen revolutions before firing and now it is firing up after just two or three, perfect indication that the oil pressure is reaching the motor much more rapidly. This is, in my opinion, a plus on many levels as it also reduces wear and tear on the starter. Overall I am very pleased and believe it to be excellent value for money.” Craig S.
“Attached is a picture from a bud on the big dog forum that had shown pieces of paper media on his K&P filter for the first 2 oil changes after switching. He hasn’t seen another piece since then. His big dog now has over 60k on the motor with nothing done to the motor.” Chris C.
“Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. Great support from you guys.” A. Spataru
“Thanks Dave, you’re a champion…… not many of us left.” A.S. (Austrailia)
“Thank you very much for taking the time to respond, I am even more impressed with your company. Not just because of the product, but by the philosophy reflected in your e-mail.” S. Payne
“Thank you for the detailed info. I feel more comfortable on this now. Good point concerning the bypass – I hadn’t thought about that and how often that may actually be happening!” Richard O
“I’ve installed the filter and have already noticed an improvement in power.” Bob L.
“Yesterday I finally got around to changing the break-in oil on the Nova drag car and installed the new oil filter. The filter is beautiful, it’s a shame it’s not more easily seen. Thanks again for the terrific filter, I’ve already given a brochure to a buddy of mine.” Tom D.

“As I said before, I was a reluctant convert to the K and P filter, but, now am a die hard fan. And now I have even more to “crow” about………this customer service ranks among the top 4 or 5 in my lifetime. Congratulations on a great product and thanks for standing behind it so well……….” J. Webb

“All I can say is WOW !!! Quality packaging, easy instructions and the machine work is out of this world! The customer called me back after a hard 2 hour ride and oil temp was 179 F !!!! He is very pleased, as am I. Looking forward to a successful relationship!” J. Burleson

I just received my filter, and I was struck by how beautiful it is. Rarely do I see a functional product that is so aesthetically pleasing. I haven’t installed it, and to be honest, I’m reluctant to. I want to be able to put this in my office and use it as a conversation piece. Nice work!”
A. L. Wagoner